A Night At Venice Beach

Being a social person who loves getting to know the city through a locals’ eyes, I was uber excited when when I saw that Airbnb now offers “experiences” where you can take tours, classes, go out to eat with locals, go on guided hikes, surf, the list goes on! Of course, when I saw they offered a nighttime photography class at Venice Beach, my favorite place in the states, I had to sign up!


Now I’ve taken photography classes here in Chicago and I’ve learned quite a bit, but I don’t think one can ever stop perfecting their art of photography, especially nighttime photography, which is a whole other ballgame.


Me and another guest met our host, Nick at Venice Beach just as the sun was starting to set. Nick quickly got acquainted with both of our cameras and our night began with pics of the setting sun.


We then headed to the bridges of Venice canal and set up with our tripods, which nick provided for an additional charge.


Then we had an experiential lesson in capturing moving light. Even though they weren’t the most picturesque photos, for someone who needs experiential learning for new concepts to stick, I found this activity very beneficial and fun!

The last and most novel of all the photos we took on our experience were these. We set up our tripods at the corner of Pacific and Windward Avenue and caught the light one snap at a time as the cars flew past us.

This one, with the bus is definitely my favorite.


An added bonus to our experience were these. Extending the exposure time, Nick zoomed in on the Venice beach sign about 5 times at random points throughout the 60 seconds.


Then, keeping the exposure time at 60 seconds, Nick covered the lens each time he zoomed in on the Venice beach sign.


My night in Venice beach ended and I was on my way to San Diego…

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals

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