Finding your Perfect Balance in Trikonasana

🔺Trikonasana : Tri = 3 + Kona = angle + Asana = posture

Did you know that the triangle is the strongest shape? If force is added to any of the sides, the other two counterbalance it.


Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

We were all born with one eye a little bit bigger than the other, one leg longer, one lung usually has more breath capacity and every woman has a boob bigger than the other. These body imbalances have had years to interact with one another and have created the way we walk, run, hold our phones, stand at the kitchen counter, sit while driving… These movements are so subtle we hardly recognize we’re even doing them! But it’s these everyday movements that make the biggest impact on our bodies.

Practicing triangle pose helps redistribute these imbalances and brings equanimity back into the body.

While practicing this pose, you may find that one side is easier than the other and that’s totally normal! If one side is significantly more difficult than the other, stay on that side 2x as long.


Physical Benefits:

Brings balance to all systems of the body
Reduces backache
Helps to relieve acidity, gastritis, indigestion, and flatulence
Helps align and lengthen the spine
Supports the healing of neck sprains
Strengthens the ankles
Expands breath capacity

Women’s Health

Helps ease the body during menstruation
Tones and relaxes the pelvic area

Esoteric Benefits

Balances all 7 chakras
Balances all 3 doshas : Vata, pitta and kapha
Balances all 5 elements of the body : Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space
Balances all five prana vayus


Photo by Samuel Austin on Unsplash

⭐️ Teaching points ⭐️

💙 Stand with feet parallel to each other. Bring your arms out to your sides and step your feet out so they are directly underneath your wrists or as wide as is comfortable.

💙 Turn one foot out 90 degrees so that your toes are facing the front of the mat. Lift your front toes and focus on pressing into the four corners of the 👣 This engages the leg muscles and helps protect the knee from hyperextension 😵

💙 Pretend that you can’t move your body below the hip joints and pull your front arm towards the front of the mat. Place your ✋🏼 either on a block or the mat making sure that your wrist is directly below your shoulder 💫

💙 Pull the belly button in towards the spine

💙 Reach your top arm up towards the sky, 🤚🏼 facing the same direction as the front body.

💜 If available, look up at your thumb and Don’t forget to smile 😃


For Beginners

Slightly bend the front knee

Place your hand on a block to help stay in alignment

Back up to a wall while doing the pose to help with proper alignment

Keep your top hand at the waist and focus on opening up the chest

Practice caution and use modifications if you have neck, low back, sacroiliac or hip issues

Message me below with any questions or comments. I’d love to hear from you!

Talk soon…


16 thoughts on “Finding your Perfect Balance in Trikonasana

  1. I like that you have added a version for the beginners as well. I don’t think I would be able to bend so much and keep my knees straight without any previous yoga training.

  2. It’s amazing that one move can have so many benefits! I’ll add this into my routine tonight 🙂 I always notice one side is always stronger or more flexible than the other with my other moves.

  3. Totally loved the detail. I am a Pitta so balancing the 3 doshas is fundamentally important. Definitely trying this Aaasana tomorrow morning. Thanks a lot!

  4. Thanks for sharing the history of this pose. I have taken a few yoga classes but consider myself a beginner for sure. This pose looks like a rewarding challenge and something to work towards!

  5. This is the first time I’ve heard about trikonasana. I am happy to see moves for beginners so I can give this a try. I enjoy trying out new exercises hoping to find a good routine that is not overly difficult in the beginning.

  6. I wasn’t aware of some of the health benefits for us women. Loved it. I am pretty flexible by I have a herniated disc- although healing now (I do work out again and lift lightly) I wonder if I could do it?
    Thanks for sharing!

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