Meet Ashley

Welcome to your resource for all things healing for a woman’s body and soul. I’m Ashley, founder of I started this website to offer women an alternative to what we have seen, read and experienced our whole lives. A new way to look at ourselves as empowered beings who can take charge of our health, our lives, our own happiness.

I am a Licensed Social Worker, energy and spiritual healer, and soon to be IAYT Yoga Therapist. When not in session, you can either find me wandering around the world or experimenting in my kitchen. I love scuba diving, hiking, road tripping, exploring cities, and meditating in vortexes. I also love finding ways to veganize, de-glutenize, and get an extra dose of protein -even when it’s dessert, in as many meals as I can.

I grew up on my grandmother’s natural remedies dating back to her early life on a farm. She literally had a natural remedy for everything and passed it down to her favorite and only granddaughter: me. During her last twelve years with us, she found Young Living Essential Oils and together, we started learning and using the oils for everything we could.

Throughout my life, I have lived with asthma, allergies of all kinds, IBS, endometriosis, ADD, anxiety, and PTSD. And each and every single time one of these flared up, my grandmother showed up with an essential oil or vitamin for it. And now, I’m the one that shows up for family and friends when they ask for help and I’ll show up for you too. But all readers must realize that everything that I state about essential oils and remedies are from my experience. And it’s not intended to prescribe, treat, cure, or may not even help you or your loved ones in particular as every BODY is different. If you have a health condition, always consult your doctor first before starting a new health regime.

It’s all on blog. Can’t wait for you to read about it! So come and join me on a journey to self discovery and healing. Namaste.